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UCOM Newsletter

UCOM publishes a quarterly newsletter, UCOM Reporter, containing original articles and condensed or reprinted articles from other professional periodicals.

A comprehensive range of topics is presented over the course of each year. Articles are designed to improve condominium governance and provide information on both common and special interests. In most cases, articles are not readily available from other sources. Older articles are provided under the Newsletter Archives section of this site.

The quarterly┬áissues are mailed directly to each member association’s officers, directors and newsletter editor. The UCOM Reporter encourages members to publish their own newsletters as part of the important process of communicating with co-owners. Periodic newsletters serve to keep the co-owners informed of important actions taken by their association boards, thus contributing to better relations between co-owners and their boards and managers.

Outstanding member newsletters are honored during the annual seminar for their communications achievements and contributions to improving the quality of their communities.

Experienced association directors accept the fact of life – that not all times are easy, not all decisions are accepted by co-owners, not everyone believes that their directors are acting with wisdom, foresight and prudence. Through its newsletter, seminars and other activities, UCOM works to advance the process.

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Annual Seminar

A major UCOM activity is the annual seminar, held since 1974, in the southeastern Michigan area. The program consists of concurrent presentations and discussions on a wide variety of topics. Speakers are selected on the basis of their experience and ability to expand the knowledge and improve the decision-making process of condominium association leadership including officers, directors, committee chairpersons and others interested in condominium administration. Modest seminar fees are designed to encourage multiple attendance from associations allowing representatives in each of the concurrent sessions. Members receive a discounted rate.