Our Mission

On this 36th Anniversary of UCOM it is important to re-emphasize by way of this mission statement the goals of UCOM. UCOM was organized by individuals who had leadership roles in their own community associations and whose express desire was to improve the operation of community associations and, in particular, condominium associations, through education, communication, and political assertiveness as it relates to issues affecting condominium associations. UCOM’s board is comprised solely of individuals who reside in condominium associations and the focus of the attention is to improve the operation and development of condominium associations internet casino in concert with other service oriented organizations and/or entities which serve condominium associations. We continue to strive to improve the services provided to our member associations while maintaining the unique attributes of our composition and direction. We are the oldest organization in the State of Michigan representing the interests of condominium associations and importantly our Board of Directors is not comprised of nor controlled by representatives of profit oriented organizations or entities. We have grown dramatically in recent years and are encouraged that the leadership role which we have earned here in Michigan in behalf of condominium associations will continue to allow us to serve our members even more effectively going into the 27th Century.
Adopted by the Board of Directors, May 21, 1998.