Educational Series − Part 1

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Jeff Vollmer
Makower • Abbate • Guerra • Wegner • Vollmer, PLLC
Attorneys & Counselors at Law
“On the Defensive – Investigating, Defending and Responding to Co−Owner Claims”
You may not like to admit it, but co−owners have rights too. The board’s best intentions may be met with demands, claims and threats of litigation. Learn about potential risks posed to your association by individual co−owners, and how you can effectively manage those risks to limit exposure to your community.

Thanks to our sponsors:
Tom Engblom − Mutual of Omaha Bank and Merrick Maris − Maris Brown Insurance Group

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Educational Series − Part 2

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Gregory J. Fioritto
Insurance Issues for Associations: The Legal Perspective
Melissa D. Francis
Fair Housing Act: Handling Hostile Environment Claims
Edward J. Zelmanski
Thoroughly Managing Unit Alterations
Representing the Law Firm of Zelmanski, Danner & Fioritto, PLLC

Thanks to our sponsors:
Tom Engblom − Mutual of Omaha Bank and Merrick Maris − Maris Brown Insurance Group

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Stay tuned for more mini-seminars throughout 2018…


The United Condominium Owners of Michigan (UCOM) is dedicated to the interests of condominium owners in the state of Michigan.

UCOM was founded as a non-profit corporation in 1973 to serve the growing demand for current information, guidance and motivation for those who have adopted the condominium lifestyle.

UCOM, over 40 years after its founding, continues to be the only organization in Michigan devoted to the education and training of condominium leadership – the officers, directors and committee chairpersons who serve their neighbors and co-owners by regular contributions of personal time and study to make their communities wisely and fairly administered, cost efficient, enjoyable – and to maintaining and improving property values.

UCOM provides year-round services to its members on a budget derived from moderate membership dues based on association size (number of units). UCOM by-laws permit and encourage non-voting membership for suppliers and others with professional relationships, including management companies; legal, accounting and insurance firms; developers and realty companies.

UCOM accomplishments benefit condominium owners generally, such as presentation of consumer (owner) views and concerns about the 1978 revision of the Michigan condominium law. With other concerned groups, UCOM aided in getting the Michigan Public Utility Service Commission to modify rate structures of gas utilities – a change which benefited condominium associations and owners.