Important Information Concerning Proposed Amendments That Will Affect Your Community

It is part of UCOM’s mission to ensure that all UCOM members are informed of pending legislation that will have an impact on how Michigan community associations are governed.  Any legislation that may increase association costs or otherwise affect the association’s annual budgeting process is of the highest concern to UCOM and its members.

All association directors should be informed of an amendment to three sections of the Michigan Condominium Act that is being proposed in the House of Representatives:  House Bill 5655.  We strongly believe that this could be very damaging to associations and force associations to incur unnecessary costs while hindering the ability of directors to govern their communities efficiently.  It may be very difficult to pass an annual budget and collect assessments if this legislation is signed into law.

We have printed a letter to the House Committee on Local Government for your perusal.  Please forward as many copies as you need to other directors.  We must send as many signed letters as we can to Chairman, Lee Chatfield, to stop this dangerous bill before it progresses further.  We believe that after reading this letter, you will agree.  There is strength in numbers, so please contribute your voice on behalf of Michigan’s communities.

Suggested letter opposing HB 5655

Thank you to The Meisner Law Group, P.C. and Robert M. Meisner, Esq. for advising us of this important pending legislation.

Educational Series 2016 Information

Educational Series – Part 3

Mark your calendars, Tuesday evening, July 19, 2016.
A panel of community association mangers from local management companies will provide their advice for solving the issues that you face in your association.

 There are many issues and problems shared in common by condominium associations.  Got questions? Don’t miss this seminar!

Lloyd Silberman, MBA, CMCA, AMS is President of McShane and Associates, Inc. Lloyd is also on the Board of UCOM.  He has agreed to organize this event for us and we are grateful to him and to the other management companies that will be participating.

Joe Bushey, Cummings Property Management
Paula Granowicz, Association Management, Inc.
Jeffrey J. Podolski, JBC Property Management, Inc.
Lloyd Silberman, McShane and Associates, Inc.

Sponsoring this event, are Tom Engblom of Community Association Banc/Mutual of Omaha Bank together with Merrick Maris of Maris Brown Rossell Insurance Group.

Registration Form

The series finale will  take place Saturday, October 15, 2016

The 42nd Annual Seminar and Third Annual General Meeting and Election

It will be held at the MSU Management Education Center in Troy.

The format will be somewhat different this year.  The suggestions that attendees take the time to fill out and turn in at UCOM seminars get a serious review by our board members.

The changes reflect some of your suggestions.  We will bring back some requested speakers including (in alphabetical order): Tom Engblom, Merrick Maris, Robert Meisner, Kay Michael, and Jeff Vollmer. We are bringing back our highly popular legal forum.   We’ll let you know about the new events as soon as the planning has been firmed up.  Updates and additions will appear on our website.

If anyone is interested in running for the UCOM Board of Directors, please email your request and a short resume or biography to info@ucomonline.org .

The United Condominium Owners of Michigan (UCOM) is dedicated to the interests of condominium owners in the state of Michigan.

UCOM was founded as a non-profit corporation in 1973 to serve the growing demand for current information, guidance and motivation for those who have adopted the condominium lifestyle.

UCOM, over 36 years after its founding, continues to be the only organization in Michigan devoted to the education and training of condominium leadership – the officers, directors and committee chairpersons who serve their neighbors and co-owners by regular contributions of personal time and study to make their communities wisely and fairly administered, cost efficient, enjoyable – and to maintaining and improving property values.

UCOM provides year-round services to its members on a budget derived from moderate membership dues based on association size (number of units). UCOM by-laws permit and encourage non-voting membership for suppliers and others with professional relationships, including management companies; legal, accounting and insurance firms; developers and realty companies.

UCOM accomplishments benefit condominium owners generally, such as presentation of consumer (owner) views and concerns about the 1978 revision of the Michigan condominium law. With other concerned groups, UCOM aided in getting the Michigan Public Utility Service Commission to modify rate structures of gas utilities – a change which benefited condominium associations and owners.